My real story: Jessica J

Age: 28

Education and training: Certificate II Tourism (Operations), and Bachelor of Business majoring in Hotel Management (Hotel School Sydney)

Current position: Conference Sales Manager, Rydges World Square

Number of years at the hotel?  8 years

What does your role entail?  I’m responsible for meeting an annual budget, conducting site inspections with prospective conference clients, preparing conference quotes and training staff.

How I got my start in the hotel industry: I enjoyed my hospitality and tourism subjects at school which made me want to join the industry. I also stayed at many hotels growing up and thought they would make an interesting place to work.

What my career has looked like to date: In 2009 I was Food and Beverage Attendant during a university placement, followed by full-time Food and Beverage Attendant in 2011. I was then promoted to Food and Beverage Supervisor in 2012. From there I transitioned to Administration Coordinator in 2013, closely followed by the position of Conference Sales Coordinator in 2014. In 2015 I was promoted to my current position of Conference Sales Manager.

Goals: To move up the corporate ladder to the Director of Sales and Marketing – hopefully at the hotel where I am currently working.

Achievements: Our conference team won the Event Masters Award for December 2016. This award is awarded to the sales team who had the highest percentage growth year on year for that month.

What surprised you about working in hotels? There are so many opportunities for career progression and so many different departments to choose from.

What have been some of the perks of working in a hotel?  The diversity of people I’ve met and the opportunities available.

What skills/training have you received on the job? Customer complaint handling, selling techniques and managing employees.

Mythbusting: That a career in hotels is unexciting and it’s only about accommodation. So many exciting things happen at our hotel – from conferences to exhibition booths, large groups of tourists and multiple event spaces. Every day is different.

Advice for people who are considering a career in the hotel industry? This is a rewarding and exciting work environment, which will allow you to develop and learn every single day. I would definitely recommend it.