My real story: Libby J

Age: 27

Education and training: Bachelor of Business – International Hotel and Resort Management

Current position: Restaurants Manager, Intercontinental, Sydney

Number of years at the hotel? 4 years

What does your role entail? Leading and managing the restaurant operations including busy service periods, guest interaction and satisfaction, and organising rosters and staff.

How I got my start in the hotel industry: I gained experience in a 30-room hotel, working in all areas from the kitchen and housekeeping to front office.

What my career has looked like to date: I completed two university placements; one as Food and Beverage Attendant on Hayman Island and the other as General Services Admission in Noosa. After completing my degree I moved to Melbourne to take the position of General Services Admission. I received an I-Grad at Intercontinental Sydney and achieved a promotion to my current position.

Goals: Move into a guest relations role and lead a small team of my own to success.

Achievements: Being nominated as a finalist for TAA Rising Star in the industry. InterContinental Sydney Leader of the Year 2016, Winner. Successfully leading a team of 30.

What surprised you about working in hotels?  The friends you meet become your family, the job comes with an enviable lifestyle, and the pay is surprisingly good.

What have been some of the perks of working in a hotel? The opportunity to travel (both professionally and personally) is a great reward, as is the exciting nature of the industry. The perks more than make up for the hard work required.

What skills/training have you received on the job? Advanced Leadership Development Program training, numerous formalised online training programs and self-motivational training. I’ve learned more skills from on-the-job training and through experience than you could imagine in my position so far.

Mythbusting: It’s not a desk bound job at all, you’re always on the go.

Advice for people who are considering a career in the hotel industry? Not a good option for lone soldiers – you need to be a people person.