My real story: Mitchell C

Age: 29

Education: Masters in Business Management- Major Hospitality Management

Current position: Millennial & Communications Advisor Pacific / Guest Quality & Compliance Manager, Accor Hotels Corporate Office and Darling Harbour

Number of years at the hotel? 3 Years

What does my role entail? I have two roles within in the company. Corporate Office I am the advisor to the COO of Accor Hotels Pacific on Millennial employee relations. Darling Harbour Hotels: I oversee our online reputation, hotel brand standards and loyalty.

How I got my start in the hotel industry: My background is F&B so I started working in a restaurant as a F&B duty manager, looking after a hotel restaurant and bar.

Why do you like working in Hotels? The hotel industry is a very rewarding industry to work in. Every day provides you with a new experience. 

What surprised you about working in hotels? That the career opportunities are endless. Becoming a General Manager is not the only career path you can take.

What my career has looked like to date: I started as a F&B Duty Manager then took a step back into reservations as a Sales Agent as I wanted to focus on my development as an individual. I was then promoted into a reservations group’s role, and moved into the front office as a Team Leader. I was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager. An opportunity opened for me to do a secondment at another hotel where I was then offered the role of Engineering and Guest Relations Administrator. From there I was promoted to my current role as Guest Quality & Compliance Manager for Darling Harbour Hotels and at the end of last year I was approached by the COO of AccorHotels, Simon McGrath, to become his advisor on millennial employee relations which covers Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and French Polynesia.

During your time at this Hotel, what has been your proudest moment? When the hotel achieved the highest guest experience score they have ever received.

What has been your greatest professional achievement to date? I was the 2016 Hotel Magazine Rising Star winner for Australasia.

Where do you wish to go from here? Not too sure yet. I am in a new role with direct contact to the COO of our company. Where do I go from here?

What challenges do you face in this role? My role is extremely visible within the company, so I need to ensure I remain humble in all that I do. 

Why do you like working in the accommodation industry? The lifestyle is so flexible. 

What message do you have to tell others about working in the accommodation industry? Hospitality chooses us. We don’t choose it.

What advice would you give to people considering a career in Hotels? There are endless opportunities within hotels. Hotels are not just a service where a guest eats and sleeps, hotels are so much more. 

Have you travelled as part of your career in Hotels? Yes, I travel quite a lot.

Have you met anyone famous during your career in Hotels? All the time, it is quite normal for a VIP to be in our hotels on a weekly basis. 

Can you bust any Hotel career myths? Regardless of the degree you may have, if you want to make it in a hotel you need to start from the bottom and understand every aspect of the hotel industry.

What training have you received from your employer as part of your professional development? I have access to an online portal that has endless self-training modules and development tools available. 

Tell us about one of your best Hotel experiences? Every day is a new experience. You can choose your mindset. Always walk into work with a smile on your face and you can’t go wrong.

Do you manage people? If yes, what is that like? I do manage a team. For me it’s all about implementing structure. My team are not with me, therefore I need to know on a daily basis where they are and what we have to tackle for the day. 

What skills have you learnt on the job? Time management, communicating with impact and understanding my personal brand are key skills I’ve learnt on the job.

What are your working hours like? I have a traditional business working hours, however we are very flexible. I can work from home when needed and can work any hours I want to suit my life.

What’s the pay like? One thing I have always been told by a manager of mine is that you pay your staff what they are worth. The harder workers and go getters, be sure to look after them. Therefore I think my pay is adequate for the role I do.

Anything else you’d like to add? Jump in and have a go you won’t be disappointed.