My real story: Vivian Z

Age: 26

Education: Postgraduate in Human Resource Management

Current position: Human Resources Administrator, Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Number of years at the hotel? 1 year

What does my role entail? Assisting office work, new employee onboarding, attending to employee general requests, assisting in the recruitment process, directing office phone calls, preparing monthly staff awards program, making posters for delivering news to employee, managing employee filing, termination filing and organising the monthly employee social club.

How I got my start in the hotel industry: It started with a passion for hospitality, after I watched a TV drama when I was young! I decided then and there that I wanted a hotel job and that I would study Hospitality.

Why do you like working in Hotels? Meeting lot of people, and always having new challenges.

What surprised you about working in hotels? The number of issues we have to deal with and the stories we experience.

What my career has looked like to date: I studied hospitality in a diploma degree while working as a food and beverage attendant. Then I studied Accounting as an undergraduate degree, and in the meantime I was promoted to Team Leader. After that, I studied a Postgraduate in Human Resource Management, found myself an internship in HR and now I officially work in HR as an Administrator.

During your time at this Hotel, what has been your proudest moment? I found an internship myself in the hotel HR department (I found it hard, as I am not a local)

What has been your greatest professional achievement to date? I was able to find a HR role in the hotel, so I was able to combine my hospitality operation knowledge and education together for the new role.

Where do you wish to go from here? I would like to gain more experience in HR and become a Recruitment Manager within 3 years.

Why do you like working in the accommodation industry? Meeting lots of different local and international guests

What message do you have to tell others about working in the accommodation industry? Do not give up when you are feeling down – you never know what is waiting for you around the next corner.

What advice would you give to people considering a career in Hotels? Open your eyes and build your connections.

Can you bust any Hotel career myths? The pay is not bad as people think.

What training have you received from your employer as part of your professional development? Shangri-La has a lots of training including orientation, trainer skills training and Excel skills training.

Tell us about one of your best Hotel experiences? When I was a food and beverage attendant, I met this lovely couple from the Netherlands. We become friends, and are still in touch.

Do you manage people? If yes, what is that like? I used to when I was F&B Team Leader. It was a fun experience. There were difficult times but I enjoyed it.

What skills have you learnt on the job? Co-ordination, negotiation and organisation.

Anything else you’d like to add? Hospitality is a bigger industry than I thought, and it is definitely a good place for me to develop myself.