At the core of great hotels and tourism experiences, are its people. Good people make good hotels. And good hotels make for great career opportunities.

If you are searching for a social, diverse, exciting, rewarding and challenging professional life.

If you are looking for a career in which your individuality, passion and unique skills are valued and where you are offered strong professional development opportunities.

Where you have a variety of opportunities for travel and dynamic money-can’t-buy experiences.

Where you’ll have a real chance to make your mark and climb the ladder of success quickly and with support.

Then working in a hotel could be the next step in your career journey and it’s ready to begin now!


The concept for the Hotel Career Expo emerged from two pieces of research: 

First, the Deloitte Access Australian Tourism Labour Force Report (2015) forecast that by 2020 there will be demand for a further 123,000 skilled and unskilled workers in the sector nationally, with skilled workers representing approximately half of that figure.

Then in September 2015, Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) undertook a Labour Trends in Accommodation Survey amongst its NSW members. The results demonstrated that skills shortages were very high for a range of managerial and supervisory positions.

The biggest factors contributing to skills shortages:

1 | Limited applicants with sufficient skills and experience
2 | Limited applicants with required education/training
3 | Competition from employers in other industries

This highlighted the need to address constraints with education and training and highlight the inspiring and rewarding professional career paths available to encourage people to enter and stay in the industry.

The Deloitte report identified eight national hotspots with high levels of tourism and hospitality shortages, one of which was Sydney. As a result, a Sydney Tourism Employment Plan (TEP) was developed in conjunction with an Industry Advisory Group.

One of the recommendations emerging from the Sydney TEP was the development of an Industry Careers Day and marketing campaign to lift the profile of the industry and attract long term recruits who see the industry as an aspirational career, hence the development of the:



The Hotel Career Expo is your opportunity to join this growing industry and kickstart your new career with great rewards, internationally renowned training and strong management pathways.


The inaugural Hotel Career Expo was held in Sydney in May 2016 and attracted over 1,000 attendees with half from schools and half from tertiary institutions. In addition, 2,785 students registered to participate in the Hotel Live Experience – a one-week immersion program hosted by participating hotels.

The 2016 event was a resounding success in raising awareness of the professional career opportunities in the industry and engaging and attracting a broader range of candidates to the industry.

In 2017/18 we will be building on the solid foundations set during the 2016 campaign to continue to change perceptions of the hotel industry as an aspirational career choice and engage the professional superstars who will contribute to the future growth of the industry.